Abdominal Support

GPC Medical offers different kinds of specialized abdominal support belts that are flexible, and convenient to the patient. They support and immobilize the abdominal sacral region and correct the postural deformity and reduce the low back pain syndrome.

The salient features of the abdominal support belts offered by GPC Medical are they come in various sizes, have perfect fitting, better immobilization, relieves muscular stress, smart and sleek, and pre-shaped semi rigid splints. They can be of everyday use for a general purpose back support, excellent for use in travelling, and are supported by broad hook-loop panel for easy application and quick removal. Their extra webbing improves ventilation and comfort to the patient. The specially designed nylon reeves prevent rolling over of belt.

The different specialized products offered by GPC Medical are abdominal support, hernia support, Sacro Lumbar Brace (Superior), Sacro Lumbar Brace (Heavy Duty), Sacro Lumbar Brace (Extra Superior).

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