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Lower Limb Orthoses

Lower limb orthosis is an external force system used to regulate or compensate for abnormal or decreased forces within the knee, hip, ankle, or foot. Lower limb orthoses are bracing devices used to control the neurologic and orthopaedic effects on the normally healthy extremities. Lower limb orthoses can be used to support the limb, improve the alignment of the limb, increase mobility and reduce falls. They also alleviate pain, correct deformities, and slow the progression of deformities.

GPC Medical is an expert in the manufacture and fitting of lower leg orthoses. Our lower limb orthoses are made using top-quality materials, and our expert staff can assist you in choosing the best material and the right configuration according to weight, age, and other factors. We have also incorporated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) into our manufacturing processes, dramatically increasing our efficiency and results.