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Fracture Aids

GPC manufactures a range of customized fracture aids to provide patients a comfortable feel while they are recovering. The products we manufacture are sleek and smartly designed to suit all weather conditions and, they give a comfort feel even in hot and humid climatic conditions. Our products focus on the comfort of the patient and at the same time they are engineered to provide the exact positioning so that the patient’s recovery may be within the shortest possible time.

GPC manufactures different types of Fracture Aids such as Orthopaedic Stockinette Roll, Adjustable Pouch Arm sling, Broken Bones Support, Crepe Bandage, Cast Shoes, Hyper Extension Brace (Ash Brace), Meek Clavicle Brace, Rib Belt, Shoulder Immobilizer, Arm Sling Strap, Adjustable Arm Sling, and Posture Aid. All these products have distinct customized features as per the requirement of the injured body part.