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Upper Limb Orthoses

Upper leg orthoses are devices external to the body that have been specifically created to enhance the function and structure of different areas within the upper and lower limbs. They can be used externally to enhance and restore structural and functional characteristics that are associated with the muscles, skeleton, and nervous systems. The most common conditions are ones that result from sports, trauma, or work-related injuries. There are various types of orthotics for upper limbs based on what you're hoping to achieve with the device. Orthotics for the upper limbs are commonly accepted by patients if there is a clearly defined therapeutic program in place, and the orthoses fulfil an essential function that can't be achieved in a different manner. The use of upper limb orthoses is often for patients who have suffered from neuromuscular and neurological issues or musculoskeletal disorders like stroke or TBI, traumatic brain injury (TBI) MS, the disease of multiple sclerosis (MS) cerebral palsy (CP) as well as spinal cord injuries (SCI) and muscle weakness and peripheral nerve injuries.

Our upper limb orthoses have been created to offer equal attention to mechanical efficiency and the precision of fit since it is essential to feel comfortable. Our aim for us at GPC Medical is to fit the orthosis that gives you the most support and ease of use. Our custom orthoses devices can help alleviate pain, offer relief, and help you feel relaxed.